Digital Office Policies Manual

Take the next step in operating a more efficient, profitable and organized practice with our digital, cloud-based office policies manual. Both employees and management love this living, breathing solution that replaces outdated binders on the shelf.

Our digital office manual makes it easy to change, edit, and/or update existing and new office protocols, systems and procedures. Access your digital office manual via any internet connected device and edit/upload office policies from any internet connected device with a simple click of a button.

Take control of your practice by using this digital manual to help automate employee training, expectations and performance. Ensure your business is at its best so you can reap the rewards of your practice.  

"Why would anyone use a manual binder on the shelf when there is a digital solution that makes it easier on employees, management and the doctor?  The investment in this manual is a no brainer. I began with this digital manual and then I ended up purchasing their entire Practice Virtual Platform™ because of how much each aspect of it helps my business and my practice. The automation has taken my business to a new level not possible with a binder that sits on the shelf.   In today's marketplace we must have our practice functioning as a well run business and New Patient Group gives me the tools to do just that. The people at New Patient Group are very helpful as well. They gave me a personalized webinar with my staff and me so we knew how to use it. Solid recommend here and the value far supersedes the monthly investment."  Dr. John Bauer


No Contracts & Personalized Onboarding

  • Digital Office Policies Manual
  • Individual Employee Login Access
  • FREE Webinar Training
  • FREE Employee Onboarding
  • Access via any Internet Connected Device
  • FREE Human Resources Integration