Dentist Employee Training Overview

Ensure your employees have the necessary skill-set for a superior patient experience and increased conversions, same day starts, referrals and 5-Star reviews.  Our employee training focuses on all the topics below and can be purchased together via our popular Practice Virtual Platform™ or purchased individually. All employee training topics come with the option of adding an assigned coach that works closely with your practice(s) via a series of webinars and/or on-site sessions. All topics are 100% customized to the orthodontic profession with no cookie-cutter solutions.  Learn more below.

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Dentist Employee Training Topics:

Receptionist Certification Courses™

This comprehensive receptionist course teaches the essential skill-sets necessary to create a superior patient experience, increase conversions, new patients, same day starts and revenue. A perfect training solution for existing employees and new hires as you get to keep the course for life. This popular course includes training on: 5-Star customer service, consumer psychology, how to best create value, sales fundamentals, taking control, verbiage, presentation, efficiency, and much more. This course is available for instant purchase online with the ability to add ongoing mystery calls and an assigned coach.

Financial Presentation Courses™

This comprehensive course teaches the essential skill-sets necessary to know how to most effectively present money, discuss treatment options, overcome common and uncommon objections, how to maximize the doctor's time in the exam and more. This popular course includes training on consumer psychology, financial presentation do's and don't, and much more. Increase same day starts, conversion, cash flow, and revenue. Invest in the course and keep it for life. 

Clear Aligner Growth Program™

This comprehensive course, focused mainly on Invisalign, helps revolutionize the clear aligne skyrockets the acceptance, conversion, efficiency and profitability as it pertains to clear aligner growth. Today's consumer wants clear aligners This course teaches employees how to speak, how to educate, 

Employee Performance Indicators™

This comprehensive course transforms practices by giving employees visibility of their strengths and weaknesses unlike ever before. This allows employees to advance their career path, earn more pay, convert more patients into treatment, provide more value to their teammates, your patients and your entire practice. This course teaches advance data tracking analytics based on the same principles the most successful sports organizations utilize to get the most out of their athletes.  This course is available online for instant purchase and make sure to select the scoreboard when checking out.

The Psychology of 5-Star Customer Service

This comprehensive course teaches the psychology of 5-Star Customer Service to ensure employees are trained to provide a Ritz Carlton experience. Learn the psychology of the Halo Effect, Domino Effect, Neural Impact, Spotlight Effect, Authority, Politeness, Rapport, Liking, Reciprocity and many more. Learn how to apply each of them to provide patients with an exceptional experience unlike any other in healthcare. People purchase based on how they feel and this training ensures they choose you.

Sales Fundamentals & Presentation Skills

This comprehensive training teaches hourly employees the sales fundamentals taught to executive level sales teams outside of healthcare. Learn how to properly remain in control of a conversation, how to best educate patients, what words to not use, the dual close option and more. This training helps every job position in the office and has a significant impact on the patient experience and treatment acceptance. 

Multi-Tasking & Time Management

This comprehensive training teaches hourly employees the time management strategies of billionaires to improve efficiency, multi-tasking abilities and their overall job performance. We make sure employees are able to give a better patient experience, be a better employee and how to get their daily responsibilities done in a more timely manner. This improves their career path, allows them to make more money and also helps your organization as a whole.

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Virtual Coaching Sessions

All of our employee training services come with the option of adding an assigned coach that works closely with you and your employees to help ensure your investment gets implemented at the highest levels possible. to help you best implement it in a structured, timely manner. 

On-Site Coaching Sessions

Virtual Learning Store

Our virtual learning store allows you to purchase many of the above mentioned employee certification training courses that can be instantly utilized to better the patient experience, employee performance and conversions. Receive access to all of your purchased courses via our state of the art Practice Virtual Platform™. Keep them for life. Train at the convenience of your schedule via any internet accessible device.