Mystery Patient Program

With over 350,000 mystery patients across the US and Canada, this program is our way of mystery calling every aspect of the appointment process.  Receive visibility of exactly what is occuring with each step of the appointment process tThis is a must have after investing in our popular Dental Receptionist Certification Course™.  Our dental mystery call program is a great way to provide positive reinforcement to employees for doing a great job and also the perfect accountability tool for ensuring effective implementation. 

Every month our team will provide you with an audio recorded mystery call plus a coaching analysis that breaks down strengths and how to improve areas of weakness. Recordings are sent directly to your inbox or placed inside your Practice Virtual Platform™. If you utilize our webinar and/or on-site coaching programs your assigned coach will utilize these recordings to help customize the training to ensure your success.

Instructor :
Brian Wright


No Contracts

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  • One Audio Recorded Call per Month
  • Custom calls based on your practice
  • Practice Analysis
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access via any Internet Connected Device
  • One FREE mystery call

What you Receive

  • Professional Dental Mystery Callers
  • Calls that are customized to what your practice offers
  • One audio recorded call per month with full analysis
  • Improved visibility of your organization
  • Improved accountability for effective implementation
  • Each call includes a coaching analysis to ensure improvement occurs
  • No contracts
  • Improved employee performance