GP Clear Aligner Growth Program™

So, you’ve seen the market change and understand the benefits clear aligners can bring to your practice: branding, efficiency, profitability, revenue, staffing, etc. Now that you see the opportunity, you need a plan to grow that portion of your  practice and turn clear aligners into a distinct competitive advantage!

Our GP Clear Aligner Growth Program will transform you and your team into the most passionate and knowledgeable in your competitive market.  You and your team will learn how to best  educate the patient with verbiage and resources that will not only convert the patient at high levels, but generate momentum for one patient to quickly turn into additional referrals!  Plus, you and your team will become more skilled in the day-to-day clear aligner routines that ensures an increase in the doctor's chairside efficiency and the overall patient experience.

Additionally, new strategies can be initiated within your practice to combat unique competition.  New Patient Group will help you revolutionize the clear aligner dimension of your practice!

This course is a must have for any practice wanting to become the standard of clear aligner excellence, separating themselves from the competition. This Course is a one-time investment with paid in full or low monthly payment options available.  You get to keep the video course for life.

Instructor :
Eric  Field

COO - New Patient Group

$541.41/Month for 12 Months or $5,997 (Save $500)

Low Monthly Payments or Paid in Full Discount - You Decide.

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  • More than 50 training videos
  • 8 hours of on demand video
  • Printable Scripts & Flowcharts
  • 9 downloadable Scripts & Resources
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access via any Internet Connected Device
  • One FREE Mystery Call w/ Coaching Analysis

What you'll learn

  • How to achieve a 5-Star Invisalign Experience
  • How to implement the Virtual Consultation
  • How to best brand your practice with Invisalign
  • Invisalign New Patient Exam Room Flow
  • How to best overcome Invisalign objections
  • How to best utilize the iTero Scanner
  • Best practices on digital scanning
  • How to best communicate malocclusion 
  • How to best empower the chairside assistant
  • Invisalign Scripting & PowerPoints
  • Invisalign Sales Fundamentals
  • Invisalign Time Management
  • Invisalign Efficiency
  • Invisalign Verbiage Skills
  • Invisalign Presentation skills
  • Hygiene Invisalign Growth 
  • How to best utilize the clincheck
  • Invisalign Financial Presentation Protocols

Course Curriculum


Printable Resources - Scripting

3-Point Malocclusion Assessment

​Advanced GP Invisalign Training

"Yeah, but" Objection Training

​Digital Scanning

​Treatment Coordinator Checklist

​Additional Resources - Advanced GP Invisalign Training

​Patient Photos

​Branding your Practice

​​iTero & ClinCheck Best Practices

​Empowering the Chairside Assistant



  • Internet 
  • Internet Connected Device