Orthodontist Practice Analysis Challenge™

Are you ready for an analysis of your entire organization in ways not previously available in orthodontics?  Are you prepared to receive full insight how each employee interacts with new and existing patients at your office?  Are you prepared for a breakdown of the numbers that include doctor, receptionist and treatment coordinator performance? Our clients love this eye-opening Practice Analysis Challenge Course™ that will change the way you view your practice forever!

It begins with having our professional mystery shoppers perform a recorded mystery call to your office and also visit as a new patient to record the entire appointment start to finish.  Our CEO and COO then provide a full analysis on video that breaks down every aspect of the appointment process from the time they called, to when they showed up, to the financial presentation and everywhere in between.  You will also receive our Practice Analysis Questionnaire that covers the statistical components of your organization and our CEO and COO will provide a full analysis on video.  

In addition, you get to take our Dream Life Exercise Course that our CEO has utilized with Fortune 500 Executives, Doctors and many other types of business owners. This course will help align your passions with your business to get the most out of your personal and professional life. We will then help make this exercise become a reality as you will meet virtually with our CEO to ensure implementation occurs.

You get to keep all the data and video links above for life. This is the ultimate in achieving visibility of every aspect of your organization. 

Instructor :
Brian Wright



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  • Full Statistical Analysis with Video Recording
  • Printable Analysis Documents
  • Recorded Mystery Call w/ Video Analysis
  • Recorded Mystery Patient w/ Video Analysis
  • Dream Life & Practice Analysis
  • Virtual Meeting with our CEO

What you Receive:

  • Full Practice Statistical Analysis
  • Recorded Mystery Call w/ Video Analysis
  • Recorded Mystery Patient w/ Video Analysis
  • Receptionist Performance Analysis 
  • Doctor Exam Performance Analysis
  • Treatment Coordinator Performance Analysis
  • New Patient Experience Performance Analysis
  • Dream Life & Practice Exercise
  • 5-Star Customer Service Performance Analysis
  • Virtual Meeting with our CEO, Brian Wright
  • Practice Analysis Documents
  • Suggestions how to Improve Conversion
  • Suggestions how to Improve Areas of Weakness
  • Suggestions how to Improve Profitability
  • Suggestions how to Improve Same Day Starts
  • Lifetime Access to Video Links to all Analysis's Performed