Patient Virtualâ„¢

The future has arrived. Patient Virtualâ„¢ provides patients with an array of features that gives them instant access to your practice 24/7 via their smartphone. This includes virtual consultations, instant messaging that reduces incoming call volume from existing patients more than 50% and much more. Everything Patient Virtualâ„¢ offers is targeted at growing your organization by providing both new and existing patients with an innovative, streamlined experience, while increasing treatment conversions, efficiency, profitability, revenue and even referrals.


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Included Features:

Offer the innovation and convenience of virtual consultations for your patients. This forward-thinking feature that helps provide an innovative experience that wows your patients, while increasing efficiency and conversions for you.  Simply select the virtual consultation feature on your admin portal and when the virtual appointment begins you see each other instantly from within the app. Practices also love using this feature for emergency appointments.

Reduce incoming calls from existing patients upwards of 80% with this instant messaging feature. Patients easily communicate with your practice via their smartphone app and you receive an instant notification on your office computers. Simply instant message patients right back. Maybe you need to contact the patient? Just send them an instant message. Your patients are instantly notified on their smartphone that a message from your practice is awaiting them.

Store patient photos from their appointment instantly via the practice admin portal. This gives patients an easy, streamlined way to see their photos after leaving their appointment, share photos with their spouse and more. A great tool to increase treatment conversion at your practice, while also providing an innovative experience for your patients.

Streamline the entire appointment process with this instant appointment request feature. Patients simply click the appointment request feature in their smartphone app, complete the brief request form and your office is instantly notified. Another great tool to reduce incoming call volume, improve the efficiency of your front desk employees and provide an exceptional experience for your patients.

Streamline the bill pay process by instantly uploading patient invoices, amounts due and more. Instant message patients through the bill pay feature about conversations pertaining to their bill so your conversations remain organized based on topic.

Store patient education videos, doctor welcome videos, employees bio's, virtual tour videos and more straight from your admin portal to their smartphone. Instantly make new patients feel right at home and remain better connected with your existing patients 

Our dedicated support team offers a seamless onboarding and training process for you and your team. An assigned dedicated support team member will even be assigned to your organization as your main point of contact. You receive their cell phone and email so you never have to call an 800#.