Webinar Phone Training Sessions w/ Assigned VIP Coach

Receive an assigned VIP Coach that will help organize and structure the investment you made with the purchase of our online Receptionist Certification Course™.  Receive added personal attention, accountability and ensure the best return on your investment. 

$997/Month - No Contracts

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Includes all of the following:

  • Assigned VIP Coach
  • One Personalized Webinar Training Session per Month
  • Two Company Webinar Training Sessions per Month
  • Access to our Ongoing Webinar Training Sessions (Two per Month)
  • One Recorded Mystery Call per Month w/ Coaching Analysis
  • Access to our NPG Client Mastermind Forum
  • Lifetime Access to all your personalized webinar coaching sessions
  • Access via Internet Connected Device
  • No Contracts

Meet one of our VIP Coaches below:

Your VIP Coach will ensure your team becomes experts at all of the following:

  • How to achieve 5-Star Customer Service
  • The power of Consumer Psychology
  • The most important thing to achieve on every call
  • 6 Steps to the New Patient Phone Call
  • 3 Steps to Overcoming Price Inquiries
  • How to best handle insurance inquiries
  • How to convert price shoppers into loyal patients
  • How to best overcome patient objections
  • How to best handle patient complaints
  • How to increase same day starts
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Sales Fundamentals
  • Time Management
  • Efficiency
  • Multi-tasking
  • Taking control
  • Verbiage skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Dual option close
  • Mistakes to avoid

Course Curriculum


Printable Resources - Scripting

​Taking Control

​5 Star Customer Service

​Creating Value

​The Six Steps to the New Patient Phone Call

​The Three Steps to Overcoming Price Inquiries

​How to Best Handle & Overcome Insurance Inquiries 


  • Internet 
  • Internet Connected Device
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