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Receptionist Certification - Orthodontists

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A perfect training tool for existing employees and new hires. Our popular Receptionist Certification Course™ is a comprehensive training program covering almost 60 training videos and six different phone scripts. This course provides essential training critical to the success of an organization in a competitive marketplace. The robust training modules focus on an array of skillsets every receptionist must have to convert more new patients to your schedule while providing a 5-Star Experience that convinces them your organization is the place to spend their money and refer their friends, family, and co-workers.

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Printable resources

This module contains your printable resources. 

Printable resources

This lesson contains your printable resources and downloads. 

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Taking Control

This module covers the skill of 'taking control' of a telephone call for the receptionist position. 

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Creating value

This module covers how to create value in the eyes of the customer for your organization. 

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Insurance inquiries

This module teaches how to effectively schedule patients who call and ask specifically about insurance.